Saturday, February 17, 2018
We believe in surrounding ourselves with those who share in the philosophy of the "whole person" approach to caregiving...
Our Mission
Terri Tripp Terri Tripp-Warren, owner and founder of MasterPeace, Inc. holds a BA in Communications with an accent on Health and Philosophy. Two very special women influenced the creation of MasterPeace. The model of compassionate care came from her mother, Louise Tripp, born and raised in Marion, MA., who dedicated her life to selfless service to those in need.

Her "golden rule" was, "treat others as you would want others to treat you." We honor her memory via the dove logo, which she created, and by continuing her acts of loving kindness.

Terri cared for a longtime resident of Mattapoisett, MA. - Miss Dorothy Fox. Terri gained a new understanding for people who wished to maintain independence, but by unavoidable circumstance, needed assistance at home.

Through this close association of nine years, Terri had the opportunity to observe, learn, and perfect new ideas that laid the groundwork for the enhanced services MasterPeace offers today. Miss Fox inspired the company name, MasterPeace, which has come to define the company philosophy: providing the best care to secure a tranquil environment.